• Drag is high art.

    When you hear the words “drag queen,” what immediately comes to mind? Thanks to a certain show that won dozens of Emmys, maybe you think of uplifting, silly, and fun with a sprinkle of lessons on queer acceptance. Or maybe you think

  • After a decade, I’m finally done.

    If I’m being honest, I’m still exhausted this week. As a nation we’re still not our of the authoritarian weeds, and here on the home-front I am desperately trying to finish a master’s program which has already been extended six

  • Hello.

    For every American with even a shred of empathy and basic human decency, the past 24 hours have been exhausting. For that reason, we’re not writing a newsletter this week. Instead, we encourage you to close this email, turn off your

  • Checking In…

    My dear podcast listeners, how are you doing? Have you checked in with yourself recently? The perpetual fatigue and horror of the current societal and political upheaval seemingly numbs everything. Hopefully you are able to ward those feelings off as

  • Photography is a Magical Thing…

    As Mason points out in this week’s episode, every time there was a technological advancement in capturing image, experts of the art world have bemoaned the degradation of the “artistic value” of photography. And if you think of how we

  • Who is opera for, anyway?

    When I generally think about classical music performances, I think about how often they’re used in film as the backdrop for a major plot point. These scenes are most often like the gleefully over-edited sequence in 2008’s Quantum of Solace, where James Bond outs members of the grand conspiracy