Why Bother?

I am so damn tired. Tired of the many headed monster that is white supremacy and how it interlinks with so many parts of society. Tired of senseless acts of violence that result in a lot of terrible discourse that often obfuscates or distracts us from dismantling root causes. 

So, with everything happening in the world, why did we decide to even bother with this week’s episode about the Grammys—something that especially Chris and Mason know little about or care about? 

We bother because:
1. Awards shows are interesting way to see archaic institutions come to grapple with changing trends and times;
2. There is always good music hidden in there;
3. Now you have some great knowledge for a bar’s trivia night…whenever we can go back to that; and
4. It’s a window into how organizations like the Recording Academy exert their influence on artists both large and small.

Thank you for being here with us. Be kind, and fight back against racists.

Thanks for listening,


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