Memes and Murals

For all the awful things that social media is responsible for, this week is a reminder that the internet is still capable of a lot of good. Mason and Sean were able to sit down and talk with muralist and anamorphic artist Naomi Haverlandabout selfie culture, Bad Luck Brian, and how artists can’t spare their livelihood or their health to create for free.

However, I originally connected with her because of my wife—one of our favorite things to do is share Reddit posts with each other to find some happiness during these crazy times. Usually it’s baby elephant gifs or dogs being derps, but, about two months ago, I was really excited to share with her the beautiful (and gigantic) tiger mural Naomi painted.

As a journalist, I’m no stranger to approaching strangers and trying to ask them a lot of questions—which means I’m also no stranger to being told ‘no’ or just being ignored. But when she agreed to be on the podcast, I was a bit surprised—and, as I’m writing this, I kind of still am. Not only is she talented, honest, and kind, but she also exudes a sort of understanding and appreciation all of the work that she’s had to do to get to where she is. She reminds me of why I love being a part of the art world, and I’m glad that we are able to share her story and insights with you.

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