Music for the Outcast and Glamorous

Dance music is the lifeblood of social circles for both queers and POCs alike. It is about the experience of freedom, community, and having fun and being fabulous! But without understanding the history and context of where your music comes from, it becomes a slippery slope of misunderstanding and over rewarding what is right front of your face.

That’s why this weeks episode is about Disco—and starts with an examination of the history of the genre. We will boogie our way through its history and the forces that actively attempted to thwart its success. Then, we examine two tracks from 2020 that reference disco—among many from 2020!—by Dua Lipaand  Jessie Ware. Please take a moment to listen to these tracks if you’re unfamiliar and explore some disco! Might I suggest this track as a start. 

While we are on the subject of music, we launched a new column over the weekend! It is going to be my solo monthly podcast about music—this month was an examination of love songs, but it typically will be a deep dive into an artist who has recently released an album. It’s called Listen Now!

Dear Readers, I hope you’re able to enjoy this music and get ready to unleash dance moves together once it’s safe for us to be out on the dance floor together.

Thanks for listening,


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