• ‘Moonlight’ and Black Permanence

    This week, we explore Barry Jenkins’s 2016 film Moonlight for the latest installment of the Meaning What Movie Club. The film is chockablock with scenes that gripped me for hours—if not days—after I finished watching. One, however, is during the film’s first chapter

  • Music for the Outcast and Glamorous

    Dance music is the lifeblood of social circles for both queers and POCs alike. It is about the experience of freedom, community, and having fun and being fabulous! But without understanding the history and context of where your music comes

  • Re-organizing Art

    I met Zak Grafilo at a very important crossroads in my musical life. I had just spent several years learning from a violin teacher who in many ways was my ideal mentor. He spent a lot of time working with me