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Listeners, it’s time for something even more fun than the usual episode! We are dedicating the last episode of every month to watching a movie and being wannabe critics about it. This month’s choice was mine: Wong Kar-Wai’ssecond-ever movie, Chungking Express.

Why did I choose it? Because Kar-Wai is a master of Hong Kong cinema, but I had yet to see any of his work. It’s also really important to consider Chinese movies that are beyond the scope of soapy dramas, historical epics, wuxiafilms, or some amalgamation of the three. Even more important is to consider how actively Hong Kong’s freedoms are being suppressed, and how we need to appreciate Hong Kong art while we still can. I don’t mean to be alarmist, but the stories I’ve heard from my grandparents and elders about the Cultural Revolution remind me to be grateful and appreciative of art.

I highly encourage you to watch the movie before hearing the episode so you can complain/agree/yell at us as we give our takes on the film. We won’t give any of our opinions away, but this movie lingers in your mind and simmers in your brain, so—for better or worse—it’s a piece of art to muse over.

We would love your suggestions for future movie episodes and your thoughts on the movies and future segments—including a new monthly episode premiering next month!

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