Why bother being vulnerable?

This episode most likely would never have happened if not for the environment created by the pandemic. At the onset of lockdowns, I began reconnecting with friends—searching for connectedness and togetherness in digital spaces. I was delighted to reconnect with John, a friend from orchestra during my college years. 

Restless and anxious, I jumped at the opportunity when John mentioned he was starting a bimonthly Zoom class to learn the visual music program Max. And, from there, I got to meet really cool musicians located in Virginia, which all led to discovering that John was in a really cool band! Then the band, Post Sixty Five, released a new single.

I knew from my first listen that I had to have them on the podcast. The song buzzes with smart musical choices (note how the song switches moods and rhythms with ease) and a careful vulnerability. You can tell there’s immensely personal things being worked through, but it holds a few cards close to its chest.

All of this effort is only bolstered when you hear how they approach the songwriting process in this week’s episode. They are meticulous perfectionists and lovely people. As they open up about their intensely personal connections to making music, I began to appreciate their music making even more. Their ability in their craft is enriched by the care they have for each other and for the people they hold close.

It is a lovely reminder, dear readers, to be in touch with your innermost feelings, especially as we all work through these troubling times. 

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