Welcome back.

Starting tomorrow, we return with an all-new season of Meaning What. We’ve brought our good friend Christopher Scott McNeill onboard as a producer and editor, we’re mixing up the format a little bit, and we have plans for some very special episodes in the near future. It’s all very exciting, and I can’t wait to share what we have in store.

I’d planned to share some thoughts with you this evening about Mark Rothko and the nature of abstract art, bu,t as I’m writing this, the US Capitol is under siege, and there is concern that the same is brewing near the California State Capitol a dozen or so blocks from my home. Right now, Rothko is the last thing on my mind. He’s probably the last thing on yours, too.

But, while this unprecedented crisis will not disappear by the morning, I hope that our episode tomorrow will be a small (but welcome) break for you to think about something else for 45 minutes—whenever you’re ready to. Sean and I don’t claim to have any answers to the big problems, but I believe that, now more than ever, there is value in taking a moment to ponder a question that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme yet needs asking all the same. A question like:

Is Rothko good?

Stay safe, and we’ll see you in your podcast feed tomorrow morning.

Thanks for listening,
Mason Hershenow


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