• Meaning What Movie Club!

    Listeners, it’s time for something even more fun than the usual episode! We are dedicating the last episode of every month to watching a movie and being wannabe critics about it. This month’s choice was mine: Wong Kar-Wai’ssecond-ever movie, Chungking Express. Why

  • Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

    In this week’s episode, I speak with Meaning What’s producers and co-hosts Sean Ang and Christopher Scott McNeill about the contemporary history of presidential inaugurations—specifically, what their choices of performers saw about the commander in chief taking the oath that

  • Why bother being vulnerable?

    This episode most likely would never have happened if not for the environment created by the pandemic. At the onset of lockdowns, I began reconnecting with friends—searching for connectedness and togetherness in digital spaces. I was delighted to reconnect with

  • Welcome back.

    Starting tomorrow, we return with an all-new season of Meaning What. We’ve brought our good friend Christopher Scott McNeill onboard as a producer and editor, we’re mixing up the format a little bit, and we have plans for some very special episodes