Drag is high art.

When you hear the words “drag queen,” what immediately comes to mind? Thanks to a certain show that won dozens of Emmys, maybe you think of uplifting, silly, and fun with a sprinkle of lessons on queer acceptance. Or maybe you think of Divine, her collaborations with John Waters, and thisinfamous scene. Or, if you have more “alternative” tastes, you might think of this show and its celebration of macabre artistry.

Drag is all of this, and much more. But have you ever considered that it is also a serious art form? In this week’s episode, our guest A La Mode, makes a strong case for exactly that. A recent transplant to Sacramento with a background in modern dance, her experiences make her uniquely suited to connect the dots between fine art academia and drag artistry. But this is definitely not an argument for drag to be formalized. We discuss how, for any aspiring drag artist, part of the experience is trial and error in local gay bars and learning from your queer community. The way drag can feel both DIY and transcendent is what makes it the fascinating art form it is.

And for those of you who are uninitiated, here are a few things I go to when I want to show people the wonders of drag:
possibly the greatest drag performance of all time 
the greatest lip sync moment of RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory
A La Mode’s artistry!

Everybody say love!

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