Photography is a Magical Thing…

As Mason points out in this week’s episode, every time there was a technological advancement in capturing image, experts of the art world have bemoaned the degradation of the “artistic value” of photography. And if you think of how we consume image today, pictures are everywhere – and a large portion of the world can take a reasonable quality picture. These self decided arbiters of art must be in despair.

Besides the glossy and money-driven world of fashion photography, I think this democratization of the medium removes mystique and interest for the general public. So basic questions like, “how does photography get taught?” “What is the art world like in terms of photography?” often go unanswered. There is no better delight than having Mason answer these questions for me. 

This week I turn the tables on Mason and get to interview him! We get to discuss the genesis of Mason’s interests in the arts, all the detours it took to get to where he currently is, and how the pandemic has inevitably caused him to pivot towards the other skills he has (i.e. make a podcast).

What I am most excited for you to hear this week, my lovely listeners, is a focus on the brilliant mind that Mason possesses. Thoughtful and incisive, he is so skilled at considering all the nonsense we surround ourselves with, and channel meaningful thought about it through photography. On top of that, he is witty and hilarious, which I hope has been clear throughout our first few episodes. Initially friends by association, our friendship was deepened by snippy quips on Instagram, and now, we get to make those quips for you to hear every Thursday. 

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